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Switch 8 users 15fps-25fps Theseus SM03

Switch 8 users 15fps-25fps Theseus SM03

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Switch 8 users 15fps-25fps Theseus SM03
Switch 8 users 15fps-25fps Theseus SM03Под заказ
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  • +375445944804
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  • Simple operation, one button projection.
  • Up to eight computers canbe connectedat the same time.
  • It can meet the needsof multiplayer meetingand improve the efficiencyof the meeting.
  • TheUSBdat a interface applies toall computers.
  • Operating systemi s compatible, Windowsand MAC OS canbe supported.
  • Lo w power consumption,no additional power supply, USB power supply alone can ensure the stable operation.


Product Specification

USB2.0 1
Operating Systems Supported Windows7/8/8.1/10; OSX 10.9/10.10/10.11
Frame Rate 15fps-25fps
Windows7: 1920x1080@15fps/1366x768@20fps
Windows8(8.1)/OSX: 1920x1080@20fps/1366x768@25fps
Power Requirements 5V DC
Power Consumption 2.5 W
Transmitter Power 16 mW
Physical Specification
Button 1
Dimension L* H* W 77*178.7*21.3mm
Dimension(package) L* W* H 210*44*111mm
Net Weight 86g
Gross Weight 195g
Packing List
Wireless Transmitter 1pcs
USB receiver 1pcs
Operating Instruction 1pcs
Environmental Condition
Operation Temperature 0 ℃-40℃
Operation Humidity 10% -90 %
Storage Temperature -20℃ -60℃
Storage Humidity 10% -90 %
Основные атрибуты
Страна производительКитай
Пользовательские характеристики
ПроизводительTheseus Touch Screen
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